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Salumi, produced in New York by La Salumina LLC.


Making It Better

Eleanor Friedman, a native New Yorker, and her husband, Gianpiero Pepe, a Southern Italian met in Siena, Italy.  At that time Eleanor was apprenticing as a butcher and norcino (salumi producer) and Gianpiero was running a local restaurant.  

Gianpiero and Eleanor decided to move back to Eleanor's "hometown" of New York City to continue their culinary adventures near Eleanor's family. Their dream was to open a small salumeria in the Italo-Tuscan style; to use the techniques learned in Italy, while honoring their home in the Northeast by sourcing local pasture-raised pigs.

Using centuries old techniques and high-quality, responsibly raised,  ingredients, Eleanor and Gianpiero found they were able to produce salumi unlike any they had been able to find in the States.


What is Salumi?

Salumi, not to be confused with salami, is the Italian word for charcuterie. Salumi is the umbrella word for preserved/cured meats, including prosciutto, salami, pancetta, soppressata senese etc.


Our Products

All of La Salumina's products begin with pigs raised on small farms in the Northeast, unadulterated sea salt, natural spices and herbs.

cooking & snacking

These products are great for adding depth to any pasta or vegetable dish. Or for just a quick bite!


fresh salumi

Traditional sausages and terrines. Perfect for pan-frying, grilling, sandwiched between slices of your favorite bread, or for Sunday brunch.


OUr classics

Dry cured Tuscan-style salumi: prosciutto, lonza and capocollo. Perfect for hors d'oeuvres alongside cheese on a charcuterie board, or for an impromptu picnic.

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Cooking & Snacking


Also known as pancetta, rigatino is cured pork belly coated with black pepper. It is great for cooking. We recommend dicing, rendering and tossing it with pasta or vegetables.  It is also delicious wrapped around grilled fruits or vegetables for a quick afternoon snack.


Also known as guanciale. The preparation is the same as the rigatino, but made with pork jowl, so the mouth-feel is creamier. This is the traditional choice for making carbonara.


Fatback cured with seasonal herbs, such as sage, rosemary and juniper. Sliced thin, it melts beautifully atop crostini; rendered, it is a nice addition to any dish.

Whipped Lardo

A spreadable version of traditional lardo.  Terrific spread on a piece of bread, or tossed with pasta instead of olive oil or butter.

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Fresh Salumi


Fresh sausages with a little salt, pepper, fennel, garlic and red wine. 

Soppressata Senese

Tuscan style headcheese with garlic, lemon and spices. Great on a sandwich, crostini, charcuterie board, or fried up with eggs in the morning.

pâté de campagne 

A classic pâté, with hints of warm spices.  Snackable on its own, spread on bread, alongside cheese for hors d'oeuvres or on a sandwich.

Seasonal terrine

A sliceable terrine, with a rotating selection of seasonal herbs, fruits or vegetables.  Please inquire about our current offerings.


Spreadable simple pork confit.  Open the jar and enjoy!

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Our Classics


Cured pork loin with fennel and chili. Lean meat with a moon shaped fat cap. Great sliced as a snack with cheese, on a sandwich, or on top of a salad. 


Cured pork shoulder with fennel and black pepper. It is beautifully marbled. Delicious on sandwiches or just sliced thin as a snack!


A La Salumina original. Cured pork leg rubbed with coriander and black pepper. This is essentially bresaola made with pork. Lean with fruity undertones. Excellent in a salad, sandwich or on a cheese and salumi board.


This is prosciutto in the Tuscan style. A little saltier than Prosciutto di Parma with a deep earthy flavor. 


This is prosciutto’s sibling. It is pork shoulder aged as you would a prosciutto, and has similar, nutty, saline notes.

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Our Farmers

We source our animals exclusively from farms that we trust.  What this means for us, is that the farms let their animals be animals, that their pigs truly get to act like pigs.  It is important to us that their pigs live outside and are running around; that they have the opportunity to forage for food, in addition to any feed, whey, milk, cream, or vegetable scraps the farmers give them.

We are proud to work with the following farms:

Climbing Tree Farm, New Lebanon, NY

Consider Bardwell Farm, West Pawlet, VT

Kinderhook Farm, Ghent, NY

Putting Down Roots Farm, South Royalton, VT

Events and Contact



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Instagram: @lasalumina

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